Ecce, is our signature brand where the look is focused on understated and discreet luxury. Zooming in on details and paying attention to fine quality. The selective Ecce brand is a blend of elegant modernism, distinctive purity and impeccable quality. We put all our production, research and design resources on a path to creating a future heritage collection.


Selective designs will be regularly recommended via our website and mailings. Luxury is personal and cannot be defined, but Ecce is making a serious effort in getting close to it.

The Breeze is our brand introducing a European look with a totally relaxed appeal that makes you just want to dwell and chill.
With this growing collection we want to create an original and inspiring environment where the furniture must not dominate but rather sublimate and stimulate.


We hope that a young and cool public will enjoy this new Breeze in the ever changing and exciting life styles.
On a regular bases new pieces will be added and presented via our website and mailings. The Breeze keeps its finger on the pulse of our clientele of any age but ever young in spirit and mind.